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Located in the southwestern part of the state, Ford County was created by a Legislative Act of 1867, which provided for the division into counties of all the unorganized part of the state. It was named in honor of Colonel James H. Ford of the Second Colorado Cavalry, who was in charge of the construction of Fort Dodge after the Civil War. Source: Legends of Kansas 


County Seat: Dodge City, Kansas

Date organized:1873

County History:

  1. Early Ford County History by Ida Rath 
  2. The Rath Trail by Ida Rath 
  3. History of Dodge City. Kansas 
  4. History of Fort Dodge 
  5. Santa Fe Trail Research Articles 

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Coronado Cross
  2. Historic Fort Dodge 
  3. Santa Fe Trail Ruts 
  4. Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame and Gunfighters Wax Museum 
  5. The Mueller-Schmidt House Museum
  6. Dodge City, a railroad town, (This is one of many historical markers in Dodge City.)

County Historical Society:

  1. Ford County Historical Society 
  2. Boot Hill Museum
  3. Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame 
  4. Kansas History and Heritage Project Ford County 
  5. Ford County Legacy Center Facebook Page This is the Ford County Museum in Dodge City, Kansas. Address: 
    310 Gunsmoke, Dodge City, KS, United States, Kansas

Websites about the county:

  1. Ford County Government 
  2. City of Dodge City, Kansas 
  3. The Kansas Soldiers' Home at Fort Dodge, Kansas 
  4. City of Spearville, Kansas 
  5. City of Ford Kansas on Wikipedia
  6. City of Wright, Kansas on Wikipedia 
  7. City of Bucklin, Kansas on Wikipedia