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Allen County Map

According to Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, "Allen County is located in the southeastern part of the State, in the second tier of counties west of the Missouri River, and about fifty miles north of Indian Territory. In extent it is twenty-one miles north and twenty-four miles east and west, containing 504 square miles, or 322,560 acres. The county is divided into ten townships as follows: Osage, Deer Creek, Geneva, Iola, Elm, Marmaton, Elsinore, Salem, Humboldt, Cottage Grove."

County Seat: Iola, Kansas

Date organized: 1855

County History:

"The first settlement in the county was undoubtedly that of Richard J. Fuqua, who is said to have settled in January 1855. He located in the valley of the Neosho River, in the northwestern part of the county. He was accompanied by his family, consisting of his wife, two boys, and three girls. He also had sixty head of cattle. He at once built a cabin, started a post, for the purpose of trading with neighboring tribes of Indians, and the next summer opened a farm...." Read More  -- Source: Cutler's History of the State Kansas, First published 1883.

Historic Landmarks, State, National: 

  1. Allen County Jail
  2. Iola Electric Park (The amusement park no longer exists)
  3. Funston Boyhood Home (Near Carlyle in northern Allen County)

County Historical Society: 

  1. Allen County Historical Historical Society
  2. Humboldt Historical Society | Facebook
  3. Allen County Historical Society, Inc. on Facebook

Notable People

  1. Walter Johnson (Humboldt, Kansas) - He Played Baseball for  the Washington Senators
  2. George Sweatt (Humboldt, Kansas) - He played Baseball for the Kansas City Monarchs and the Chicago American Giants in the Negro Leagues.
  3. Major General Frederick Funston (Carlyle, Kansas)

Websites about the county: 

  1. Allen County Government website 
  2. Iola, Kansas Website
  3. Humboldt Kansas Website
  4. A Brief History of Baseball in Humboldt, Kansas
  5. Allen County Sheriff's Department website
  6. Allen County Post Cards Project
  7. Allen County History on Wikipedia (This site also includes links to information about the towns in the county.)