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Atchison County is in the second tier of counties south of the Nebraska state line and has an area of 423 square miles. It is bounded on the north by Brown and Doniphan counties, on the east by Doniphan county and the Missouri river, which divides it from the State of Missouri, on the south by Leavenworth and Jefferson counties and on the west by Jackson County. It is divided into the following townships: Benton, Center, Grasshopper, Kapioma, Lancaster, Mount Pleasant, Shannon, and Walnut. Source: Cutlers History of the State of Kansas 


County Seat: Atchison

Date organized: 1855

County History:

  1. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Atchison County 
  2. Atchinson, Kansas--The Most Haunted City in Kansas 
  3. History of Atchison County, Kansas
  4. History of Atchison County, Kansas by Sheffield Ingalls (


Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Amelia Earhart Birthplace and Home (National Register of Historic Places)
  2. Frank Howard House (National Register of Historic Places)
  3. St. Patrick's Church--Native Stone Pioneer architecture built in 1865. (Still in Use)
  4. Glacial Hills Scenic Byways 


County Historical Society:

Atchison County Historical Society 

Web sites about the county:

  1. National Historic Register for Atchinson County 
  2. Atchinson County Government 
  3. Atchison, Kansas City government