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The Kansas State History website is accepting submissions. If you would like to share your knowledge of the fascinating History of the State of Kansas, then please consider submitting your articles to the Kansas Patriot web site. Students and new authors are encouraged to submit.

What we are accepting:
Book Reviews
Website Reviews


Submissions must be from 500 to 1500 words in length.
(If they are longer, we can make it a series of articles)
Try to avoid the passive voice
No Fiction, however, we will consider an analysis of historical fiction as it relates to the field of history.
Revisionism is encouraged
Citation of Sources is required in either Chicago or MLA style manual format.
These sources can be books, manuscripts, or Web sites.
Book Reviews must contain bibliographic information and or ISBN numbers.

How to Submit your Article

Email all Submissions to the Editor, or become a registered user on this site and submit your article from the user menu. (this is visible only to registered users)

Email Only Instructions:

All submissions must be in plain text within the body of the message.
Include the following with your submission:

  • Title of Article (REQUIRED)
  • The article itself (REQUIRED)
  • Citation Information (REQUIRED)
  • How you want your byline to appear (REQUIRED)
  • Your Website URL (s) (OPTIONAL)
  • Your Email Address (REQUIRED) Note This is only so that the Editor can contact you, he WILL NOT sell or give it to anyone.
  • Short Biography of yourself (OPTIONAL)

If you are not sure if the material you wish to submit is not appropriate for this site, then please send a query email to the Editor for review.

Copyright Information
Author of the article retains copyright. By submitting to, you agree to give us one-time rights and the right to archive your article on By submitting your article, you agree that we reserve the right to lightly edit your article submission for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Upon submission, you confirm that it is your work and that you are the legal copyright holder of the submitted work. We will not be held responsible for any and all copyright disputes or actions, which may result because of copyright infringement issues. provides you, the author, with a byline, a short bio with links to the website (s) of your choice, and a contact email address (optional). You retain ownership of your article and may post it elsewhere. If at any time you would like to have your article removed from to, it will be done upon receipt of your request to do so.