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We are not privileged to be discursive in a little book which seeks to hit the nail on the head in every paragraph, drive it home in every page, and clinch it in every chapter, and there would be no excuse, therefore, for sketching, even in brief outline, the history of the various attempts that have been made, from Brown-Sequard, with his Elixir, to Metchnikoff, with his benevolent bacteria of the intestinal tract, to extract from Life its secret of human longevity. It has been a long quest, and, in the main, fruitless, though it might be said in fairness that Brown-Sequard's method of using the expressed testicular juice as a medicine, by mouth or injection, for the renewal of youth, was probably the true parent of the present familiar method of using the extracts of various glands, or the pulverized substance of the glands themselves, notably the thyroid and the adrenal, as medicines to be taken internally for the relief of various diseased conditions. The constant objection to such form of medication is, of course, that when the medicine is stopped the good results stop, so that a temporary relief is the utmost that can be hoped for from the method. Genius is synthetic, elliptic, sudden, but always clear and sure. Dr. Brinkley began with a theory, and by no means a new theory. From the theory he deduced rapidly, and acted. The results of the acts proved the truth of the theory. That theory has been variously stated, its most familiar form being, "In all living forms the basis of all energy is sex-energy."

Looking about for facts to confirm or disprove this assertion all investigators have been faced with similar phenomena, such as:

When the male fowl is sterilized in order that he may grow big and fat for the market later he loses his cock's plumage and gains in weight. In the psychic domain the changes are still more marked. The capon is a coward, shunning the contest for supremacy. He does not forage for the hens, inviting them to feed upon what he has found, but looks after himself first and last. He is lazy, sluggish, and selfish.

The stallion is a proud and beautiful animal, and Job's description of the war-horse "He paweth in the valley and rejoiceth in his strength, He goeth on to meet the armed men!" with its context, is still the best word-painting we have of the majesty of the horse in full possession of his sexual powers. The gelding is tractable and useful, and the absence of the fiery impatience of the stallion fits the gelding for man's use.

When men are castrated, as in the East, in youth, where they are prized as custodians of the harem, they are fat, usually large of frame, but short-lived. The growth of hair on the head is often scant; on the face and body it is altogether missing. The voice is high, partaking of a treble quality. When through surgical operation or accident it happens that a man is deprived of the testicular glands in youth, early manhood, or even middle-age, the same changes follow as in the case of the eunuch, the hair on face and body disappears, the voice changes from deep to high tone, and mentally the man develops inertia and cowardice. Physically, he puts on fat almost immediately.

When women have, for any reason, had their ovaries removed by surgical operation, marked changes follow, which vary much in detail, but carry certain general similarities. The face and body age rapidly in appearance, and there is a slowing up of functions of the organs, with a tendency to masculinity in tastes, behavior, feelings.

Noting these and many other phenomena, as many had done before him, Dr. Brinkley concluded that the testes of the male and the ovaries of the female performed corresponding offices for each sex, generating the vital fluids which, when not fulfilling their primary object of reproducing the species, were turned back into the blood and absorbed by the tissues for the benefit of the individual's physical and mental processes. Normal activity of the secretions of the sex-glands, therefore, meant, in Dr. Brinkley's opinion, right nourishment for all the cells of the body, and right functioning of all the organs of the body. The strength and speed of the stallion in health were as much due to the right action of the sex-glands as his full-arched neck, his blazing eye, or his thick mane and tail. And since the capon and the eunuch acquired a cowardice that avoided fatigue, effort, or conflict, it was clear that the mental qualities were as directly influenced by the testicular secretion as the physical. It followed that the well-nourished brain, capable of sustained concentration and clear thinking, must necessarily be the brain that was fed by the normal activity of the sex-glands, and it also followed that since youth in man and woman is the time of matured beauty of face and form in man and woman, when sexual secretions are of normal activity, therefore, the sexual secretions were mainly responsible for the development of matured beauty of face and form. From this it was clear and evident that the haggard face, the lined face, the over-thin or the over-fat body, phemonena familiar to all of us in men and women who have passed their youth, were due in the main to lack of nourishment of the body-cells by the seminal fluid, with lack of proper functioning of the organs, and resultant lack of proper elimination of waste matter from the system, producing that condition of slowing-down of the machine which is a part of the aging process of the body and mind of man and woman, as seen in all men and all women today.

It is important always that you realize that though we may seem to stress the physical improvement in human beings brought about by this gland-transplantation, the more important change of the two is the mental, and Dr. Brinkley's theory that ALL ENERGY IS SEX-ENERGY means exactly that the powerful brain equally with the beautiful face owes its strength and vigor exactly to the right functioning of the sex-glands.

We must not be accused here of running to extravagance. It is not stated that all human brains are of equal power or can be developed to equal power. It is stated that all human brains of unusual power are brains that are well-nourished by the testicular secretions, and it is implied, with full understanding of what this statement leads to, that if, for any reason, there is an interference with this sex-gland activity, the unusual brain will cease in a short time to be unusual in its power, grasp, and faculty of clear, continuous thought. Similarly it is stated that if this unusual brain, after losing its power of sustained thinking, is again fed by the renewed activities of the sex-glands, it will re-establish its power, and the mind will display its former brilliance.

You see how amazing and far-reaching is the application of this apparently simple theory that sex-energy is the basis of all human energy.

It is, after all, only another way of saying that all things proceed from a common source, that Life is One, that Mind and Body derive from the same source, that energy is so much an integral of matter, that in the final analysis matter is only static energy; since the atom is made of molecules, and molecules of electrons, and electrons of electricity, or energy.

In saying, therefore, that sex-energy is at the basis of all human energy we may quite possibly be trending towards a solution of the world-old question of what Life itself is. Some day, without a doubt, we shall surprise this secret at its source. At present we are fortunate to have discovered, through Dr. Brinkley's careful proving of his theory, that human energy, no matter whether its manifestation be physical or mental, has a common base of supply, the sex-glands, and that their activity determines a brilliant mentality, or a dull brain; a state of health, or a state of disease; beauty of form and feature and skin, or wrinkles, sallowness and ugliness. These appearances and qualities are phenomena which have the same source, or base. Many have felt this to be true. Dr. Brinkley alone has had the wit and skill to find the means to solve the problem as it should be solved to be of any value to humanity, namely, to discover how the inactivity can be changed to activity, how the blood of man and woman can be charged anew with the life-giving hormones, perhaps, or whatever may be the name of that substance secreted by the sex-glands and used by the blood to nourish all the cells of the body, which MUST be present in the system if body and mind are to continue to function at their best.

[Illustration: DR. AND MRS. BRINKLEY]