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The +New York American+, issue of March 14, 1920, carried the following articles:


  +Head of Hospital Tells of the Curing of Sterility by the New Discovery and of Control of Sex Through Simple Operation--Disease and Insanity Also Banished.+

  +By Dr. W. H. Ballou+

Dr. J. R. Brinkley, head of the Brinkley-Jones Hospital and Training School for Nurses at Milford, Kansas, has now furnished to the scientific world what are termed "ample proof cases" that by implantation of the fresh interstitial glands of the goat sterile people may bear children of either sex desired. Already the town is filling up with childless people waiting to be operated upon. Incidentally, cases of insanity are cured within thirty-six hours after a simple operation. Other diseases also disappear. Milford is a small town 150 miles west of Kansas City. Here Dr. Brinkley has performed more than 100 major operations, and more than 300 minor operations, each one a success; cured more than 1,000 cases of Influenza, without losing a case; and cured one "hopeless" case of sleeping-sickness.

The practice of Dr. Brinkley accords with the investigations of glands by Professor Arthur Keith, president of the Anthropological Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Professor Keith states: "The interstitial gland has as much to do with the growth, in certain particulars, as the pituitary gland has in general bodily growth. All of the changes we see in children after they begin to grow, which bring to prominence racial characteristics, depend upon the action of the interstitial gland. If the gland is removed, or remains in abeyance, the maturing of the body is prolonged or altered. Sex differences, the more robust manifestations of males, are more emphatic in the white than in either the black or yellow race. This is shown in the beardless face and almost hairless body of Mongols and Negroes, and especially in Nilotic tribes of Negroes with long, stork-like legs, which is a manifestation of abeyance of the interstitial gland. As she grows aged, and her sexual condition closes, woman assumes the coarser and more masculine appearance, due to the loss of functioning of this gland. It is the prime factor in differentiating the races of mankind."

Kingsley affirms, in "Comparative Morphology of Vertebrates" that "interstitial cells carries secretions in man which pass into the blood. They apparently cause secondary male characters such as, among other things, hair on the face and change of voice at the close of boyhood. They govern most female characteristics."

We are on the eve of a tremendous revolution, which must cause a drastic revision of all works on zoology, anatomy, genetics, physiology, and evolution in general. The enormous investigations of glands and their secretions have sprung up and focused since the middle of the World War period. These investigations are rapidly resulting in a new surgery and a new practice of medicine.

  +Discoverer of New Method of Rejuvenation Tells History+

  By Dr. J. R. Brinkley

My first operation was upon a husband in a childless family, forty-six years old, and married for sixteen years. His wife was forty-two years old. I transplanted in him the interstitial gland of a male goat. His health improved almost at once, and he thereafter looked and acted like a man many years younger. Within a year he was the father of a fine baby boy. The father continues to retain his improved vitality. The boy was named "Billy" in honor of the goat.

Next a young woman came to me for the operation. I found her glands diseased, removed them, and replaced them with the interstitial glands of a male goat. Her recovery was speedy. A year later she gave birth to a strong boy baby, now four months old. These were but the beginnings. Other women desired female offspring and have received the glands of the female goat. There are now some twenty-five cases in the hospital at Milford receiving goat-glands.


+Insanity Is Cured.+ In the hospital is a man who came from New York City recently and received two male goat-glands upon his arrival. During his past he had been in three New York Insane Asylums, and had gone to the Mayo and other institutions. Nothing had been accomplished for his case, and he had been told finally that he was incurable and must remain a mental defective. He had decided to commit suicide if I failed to remedy his condition. In thirty-six hours after the insertion of goat-glands his temperature had risen to above 103 degrees, but became normal twenty-four hours later, and has since remained so. His mind has gradually cleared, he looks and feels younger, and is contemplating marriage. The hideous dreams and nightmares which had destroyed his sleep and rest for many past years have left him, and he now eats and sleeps well. Apparently the cure is complete.

A case of Dementia Praecox, violent in character, was brought to me as a result of the cure in the above case. Restraint was necessary, even to the strapping of his hands, feet and body to the bed. He was in all respects a typical insane asylum case, destined to remain under restraint. The second day after two male goat glands had been inserted he spoke to me, saying, "Doctor, won't you please remove the straps so I can rest comfortably? I am perfectly aware of everything now and feel as if snatched from the grave." We removed his shackles and on the following day he called for books to read. He made a beautiful convalescence and a perfect recovery. He is now with his wife and children at home, transacting his business as a normal and sane man. Since 90 per cent of insanity cases and 75 per cent of divorce cases are due to diseased glands, I may be pardoned for holding out hope to a vast, hopeless class, numbered at over 3,000,000 Americans.

+Sterility Is Banished.+ As a rule the women who come to me for treatment prefer to bear male children. In such cases it is essential that they should receive the interstitial glands of the male goat. We have in hospital at the moment, however, a childless married woman of twenty-eight, who wishes devoutly for a female child. We found her sterile of a natural gland and inserted the gland of a female goat. Her transformation has been remarkable, and I am confident her first child will be a girl.

You naturally ask about the future, which can only be premised. Women who have received male goat-glands will continue to bear male children, if any; those that receive the female goat glands will continue to bear girl babies. The future carries a promise of much information to be gleaned along this line. I cannot say what would happen if the husband were to receive male goat glands and the wife female goat glands. Their progeny might or might not be mixed. We will try it on any sterile couple that desires, knowing positively that normal children of one or both sexes will result.

Where substitution of glands of any character is essential, they should be taken from the goat operated upon immediately before the human implanting, and be inserted at once. Glands should not be taken from the ape or other animal for human use. The goat is immune to tuberculosis, He is a clean animal, full of health and vitality. Apes are very subject to tuberculosis. One can never tell whether an ape is diseaseless or not. It is generally unlawful to substitute our human glands, and, even though they could be readily obtained, they are apt to be infected with some disease.

The essential element of foods is the vitamin, a nitrogenous substance of indeterminate nature. Without it we would starve, though eating plenty of proteins, carbo-hydrates, fats, salts and water. Nothing will sustain life if the vitamins are absent from the diet. Goat's milk contains these important substances in greater abundance than any other animal food.

+The Goat Reacts Like Human.+ The goat alone among mammals reacts to poisons almost identically as human beings react, and the poison gases of the war had precisely the same effect upon him as upon the soldiers. So 1,500 goats did their bit in the war in an experimental way. These points in his favor, and other similarities to man, are the reasons which led me to select the goat as the best possible material in this work. Goat-glands alone seemed to be harmonious and sympathetic when transplanted into the human body. In other words, the hormones of goat and man agree.

We still know less about the causes of hormones than the effects. On account of the mutual tolerance of goat and human hormones the goat gland speedily attaches a blood supply in the human body, and cell by cell is replaced so that it soon functions as the original gland would had it been present and normal. The new gland is also exceptional in that it does not have to be placed near or at the location of the proper human gland. It can be inserted in any place where it is not liable to injury, even in the hip in men.[*]

It should be noted that I do not claim to make old men young again, or that I have discovered the secret fountain of youth. I am engaged in the practical work of giving health, normality and progeny to men and women who have been cheated out of their natural heritage. I have named the process "re-creative gland operation" in accordance with the belief now general among genetists and anatomists that if the clock of time is ever to be turned back for humanity it can only be through glandular transplantations. Glands have proved much superior to any animal extract or serum in this class of cases. Often in serums the poison elements are retained, but not the nutritive. We use the whole goat gland, as a rule, because we do not know in what part of it the hormones hide. The attempted transplantations of kidneys have thus far failed because the kidney product is waste matter, not live cells as in the case of the interstitial glands.

    [Footnote: Author's Note.--The date of this interview is more than one year old, March, 1920. Today Dr. Brinkley implants the male glands by incision in the acrotum of the man, and in no other place whatever, having found this method of operation the most sure in results. Today he uses only the male goat-glands for the man, and only the female goat's ovaries for the woman.]

  (From The Chicago Tribune, of date February 1, 1920.)


  +Woman and Three Men Become Parents After Transplantation.+

Milford, Kansas.--A surgeon in this little Kansas town has lifted from womanhood the curse of sterility.

He is Dr. J. R. Brinkley, chief surgeon of the Brinkley-Jones Hospital of Milford.

For several years Dr. Brinkley has made a study of the transplantation of the interstitial glands and its results. Two years ago he performed his first operation upon a human being. Since then he has circumvented nature four times, making it possible for three men and one woman to become parents. He is awaiting results hopefully in four other cases.

The most remarkable case is that of the woman. She is a young married woman of Milford, who had been married several years and had despaired of bearing children. About a year and a half ago she heard of Dr. Brinkley and his success with interstitial gland operations. She went to him and asked him if he could cure her sterility. Dr. Brinkley made no promises--he never does. But he told her the operation was a simple one, and that it would improve her health, even if it failed to give her a child. She gladly submitted to the operation.

Dr. Brinkley removed an interstitial gland from a live male goat. He made a slight incision in the woman's abdomen, inserted the gland and stitched it in. In a week the patient was about her household duties again. Six months ago she gave birth to a healthy baby. It was a boy. The mother was the happiest woman in Kansas.

The surgeon had treated six other cases similarly, but all were men--men who loved children and yearned for parenthood. Three of the men are now fathers of healthy children.

In each case Dr. Brinkley had used male goat glands--and all the babies were boys.

Then this occurred to him:--

"If I transplant female goat glands maybe the babies will be girls!" He decided to try it, and two months ago his opportunity arrived. A woman came to him just as his first woman patient had come. She was 28 years old, had been married six years, and was childless. Dr. Brinkley performed the operation, using the glands of a female goat. He is now awaiting results. "I do not say this woman will have a girl baby," said Dr. Brinkley today, "but I am experimenting. It may be merely a coincidence that all the babies so far have been boys. So far as I know, I am the first surgeon to experiment with gland implantation in women. I am also the first to use goat glands in preference to others.

"Unquestionably I have cured sterility in one woman, and I have utmost faith that it can be cured in any other, so long as all of her organs are not missing. The operation is a little more difficult than it is in the case of men, but no more serious. Where a man recovers, and can get about, in two or three days, a woman recovers in a week.

"All of my patients are much improved in their general health as a result of the operation. I wouldn't say that this operation holds the secret of eternal youth. I don't know. All my patients have been between the ages of 32 and 48, so that I cannot speak from experience. I believe, however, that the operation will prolong life; I know that it improves the health in every way. But I cannot say that it will restore the bloom of youth to an old man's cheek. I am considering, however, an operation upon a man 80 years old who came to me and asked for the operation. Whether he would be able to have children as a result of it I do not know."

None of Dr. Brinkley's patients had been parents until they came to him. Now the oldest of the babies is 13 months; another is 8 months and a third is 6. Dr. Brinkley does not claim to be a specialist in gland implantation; he is merely a practicing surgeon who has made a study of the subject and is doing what he can to help unfortunate people. The doctor's modesty until now has hidden his remarkable discovery from the world, but he is now writing a report on his results.

  (From the San Diego, Cal., +Union+, of date, February 7, 1920.)

Scientists who formerly ignored Dr. Brinkley's letters are now writing to him asking him for exhaustive reports of his work. The sarcastic attitude came largely heretofore from those who were unwilling to believe that such operations of the highest scientific importance, were being performed in an out of the way village that couldn't be found on a railway map.

Dr. Brinkley, who was graduated from the Medical Department of Loyola University, and who has traveled over all the world, explained his residence in Milford. After leaving the army he sought a location in a small town, selecting Milford as the result of a newspaper advertisement, and going there, found it to consist of less than 200 inhabitants. But the surrounding territory was rich and the farmers prosperous, and in the isolated location he saw the chance of continuing experiments begun at Bellevue Hospital, New York. Later he found himself compelled to build his own hospital to care for the patients that arrived, attracted by the news of the goat-gland operations. Dr. Brinkley is 35 years old and has been a skilled surgeon for more than 15 years. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Medical Association, the Missouri Valley Medical Association, the Kansas Medical Association, and a Fellow of the Clinical Congress of Internal Medicine. He is also a 32nd Degree Mason.

In the treatment of pneumonia and influenza Dr. Brinkley uses serums of his own invention. In the treatment of his cases of influenza last year the reports of the health authorities of Geary County, Kansas, show that Dr. Brinkley didn't lose a single case. Milford is in Geary County, and Geary County swears by Dr. Brinkley.