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Governor Lorenzo Dow Lewelling

Lorenzo Dow Lewelling was the 12th Governor of Kansas. He was born in Salem, Iowa. He was the son of William Lewelling, an abolitionist and Quaker minister who died soon after making an impassioned speech in Indiana. Lorenzo D. Lewelling was the state's first Populist Governor. The Populist party (also known as the People's Party) was a third party.


Time in Office: January 9, 1893 - January 14, 1895 

Born: December 1, 1846, Salem, Iowa.

Died: September 3, 1900, Arkansas City, Kansas.

Populist businessman from Wichita.

He was the state's first Populist governor.

He was the state's governor during the "Populist War" of 1893

He was a founding member of the Farmers' Alliance

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