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Have you ever felt the need to experience the real farm life? Do you desire to spend some days in a vast and diversified farm as you learn, pass time and enjoy the real beauty of nature? Well you may fulfill your desires soon at the famous Kansas state in United States which has some if the most diversified farms in the world.


About Kansas

Kansas play a very major role in molding the current day United States. It has a big history behind it as far as civil wars, political growth, and agriculture is concerned. A travel to Kansas farms for leisure therefore not only gives you an historical exposure of the United States but also exposes you to various ancient and modern methods of farming. Among the types of farms available in current day Kansas include;

  • Wheat farms; also referred to as a wheat state, this state has been producing large amounts of wheat since late 19th century. During these initial farming period, farm work was left to women and children before better farming methods and techniques were discovered that made Kansas the biggest wheat producer in the world. Some of the earliest farming machinery and equipment used can be learnt about in the massive farms.
  • Beef farms - Kansas has several beef farms that breeds naturally fed beef cattle. Most of these farms ere open for visitors who want to learn about natural rearing of beef cattle.
  • Pig farms and sheep farms - visitors can observe the daily activities involved in pig rearing as well as some of the best sheep breeds in the world as part of the farm life.
  • Fish pond farms - some extensive farms have massive fish ponds that visitors can engage in sport or leisure fishing. A good example is the Underhill Farms.
  • Wild farms - some farms still specializes in breeding domesticated wild animals. Visitors learn about the initial domestication of these animals and have a chance to interact and feed them. This is one of the most amazing activities in the Kansas farm life. These animals include deer's, elks and buffaloes.

Activities in Kansas farms - There are other various leisure activities that visitors in Kansas farms can engage in. These activities include:

  • - Visiting the farm equipment manufacturing plants around Kansas farms. The plants manufacture lawn mowers and other both complex and simple equipment.
  • - Hikes in the massive natural woods with natural flora and fauna.
  • - Learn how to cook fresh and natural food using the fresh products from the farms and learning how to preserve the food as well as the farm products.
  • - Camping in the massive farms and woods, building campfires and lighting them.
  • - Learning and even driving the farm equipment such as the combined harvesters, tractors among others.

There are also other massive historical sites, museums and wildlife centers around Kansas State that one can visit as part of the glamorous farm life. Some farms such as Underhill Farms provide full time accommodation to their visitors during the stay especially for students. So are you ready to experience the real American ancient and modern farm life? Just apply for esta and travel into United States and be guaranteed of a 90 days legal stay. Application is online and easy, and fast.

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Flora Cox, a passionate traveler and blogger who shares her thoughts one various topics she came across. As a solo traveler, she shares her stories on many blogs. Presently she is working for esta  which provides an authorization to USA.