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Governor Ben Sanford Paulen

Benjamin "Ben" Sanford Paulen was the 23rd Governor of Kansas.


Time in Office: January 12, 1925 - January 14, 1929

Born: July 14, 1869, DeWitt County, Illinois.

Died: July 11, 1961, Fredonia, Kansas.

Republican banker from Fredonia. 

He was both a Mayor and Councilman, and city Treasurer of Fredonia before becoming Governor.

In 1912 he was elected into the Kansas State Senate for the Thirteenth Senatorial District and won the re-election in 1916. 

He also served as the state oil inspector from 1917 to 1921

In 1922 he was elected Kansas lieutenant governor and captured the Republican nomination for governor in 1924. 

While as Governor Paulen signed the 1927 Kindergarten Bill into State Law.

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