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September 1

1821 – The first party leaves Missouri headed for Mexico on the Santa Fe Trail. This event was the official opening of the Santa Fe Trail.


September 2



September 3



September 4



September 5

1867 – The first load of cattle to be shipped via rail from Kansas. Organized by Joseph McCoy, Abilene became the first of several cowtowns, that emerged along the cattle trails and helped create the beef industry in Kansas.



September 6

1864 – Fort Zarah was established on the banks of Walnut Creek near the crossroads of the Santa Fe Trail, the army supply route from Fort Riley, and the main Indian trail. In 1867 Fort Zarah was relocated in stone buildings two miles downstream near the Arkansas River and was abandoned on December 4, 1869, as the Indian problem moved southwestward. 


September 7



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September 13

1856 – The Battle of Hickory Point occurs.


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September 22

1861 – Lane’s Brigade descended on Osceola, Missouri. When Lane’s troops found a cache of Confederate military supplies in the town, Lane stripped the town of all of its valuable goods, which were loaded into wagons taken from the townspeople. Then, twelve citizens were given a farcical trial and shot. After Lane’s men went on a wild drinking spree, his men brought their frenzy of pillaging, murder, and drunkenness to a close by burning the entire town. The town suffered more than $1,000,000 worth of damage, including that belonging to pro-Union citizens. 


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