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Wilson County takes its name from Col. Hiero T. Wilson, a resident of Fort Scott since 1843, and a man of prominence in the early days of the Territory. Of the pre-territorial existence of this part of the State but little record exists, and the places mentioned in the record of early travels are generally too vaguely described to admit of identification. In the journal of Capt. Z. M. Pike, of Pike's Peak fame, who passed up the Verdigris on his exploring tour from St. Louis to the headwaters of the Arkansas, appear some interesting passages, which have been already quoted in John S. Gilmore's admirable history of this county.

The stream is here spoken of as the "Verdigrise," a name derived from the greenish blue clay found in its bed, and used as a pigment by the Osages. Lieutenant J. B. Wilkinson, who descended the Arkansas River in 1806, speaks of passing the mouth of the "Verdigris," being about one hundred yards wide. No explorations followed the course of Fall River and it remained unknown or unmentioned until Territorial times.

County Seat: Fredonia, Kansas

Date organized: September 24, 1864

County History:

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Historic Landmarks, State, National:

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