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Shawnee County is situated in the third tier of counties west of the Missouri River and contains 357,120 acres of land. The face of the county is such as is general in the eastern part of Kansas, where water courses thread the territory. It is a rolling prairie, nearly 150 feet above the bed of the water courses, with hills or mounds rising 100 feet above the land level.

The most notable elevations are in the western range of townships. Burnett's Mound, the highest point in the county, is situated some four miles southwest of Topeka, in Mission Township. The land is described in the government and county surveys as "bottom land, 31 percent; upland, 69 percent; forest 8 percent; prairie, 92 percent." The timber, natural growth, is confined to the bottoms of Kansas River, and the numerous creeks and streams tributary to it. It consists of elm, cottonwood, black walnut, oak, sycamore, box elder, hickory, and ash.

County Seat: Topeka, Kansas (Also the State Capital)

Date organized:1855

County History:

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