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Rooks County, in the northwestern section of the state, is in the second tier south of the Nebraska line, and the fifth county east from Colorado. It is bounded on the north by Phillips county; on the east by Osborne; on the south by Ellis, and on the west by Graham. The legislature defined the boundaries in 1867 as follows: "Commencing where the east line of range 16 west intersects the 1st standard parallel; thence south to the 2nd standard parallel; thence west to the east line of range 21 west; thence north to the 1st standard parallel; thence east to the place of beginning."


County Seat: Stockton, Kansas

Date organized:1872

County History:

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Historic Landmarks, State, National:

National and State Register of Historic Places 

County Historical Society:

Frank Walker Museum Museum  | Facebook

Websites about the county:

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