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Osborne county is bounded on the north by Smith County, on the east by Mitchell and Lincoln, on the south by Russell and on the west by Rooks. It contains 900 square miles and 576,000 acres of land. The north fork of the Solomon River runs diagonally through the two northeastern townships, and the south fork of the same stream runs entirely through the county from west to east, confining itself to the seventh range of townships. The North and South Solomon in Osborne County have an average fall through the county of over eleven feet per mile until they unite at Waconda, in the county east, where the average fall is only ten feet. Hence the frequency of mills along this stream.


County Seat: Osborne, Kansas

Date organized: September 12, 1871

County History:

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Historic Landmarks, State, National:

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  2. Meades Rench, Location of the Geodetic Center for North America
  3. Geodetic Center of the United States
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  6. Natoma Presbyterian Church

County Historical Society:

Osborne County Historical Society

Websites about the county:

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