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Neosho County is situated in the second tier of counties from Missouri, and also from the Indian Territory. It is bounded on the north by Allen County, on the east by Bourbon and Crawford, on the south by Labette, and on the west by Wilson County. By the Bogus Laws, the territory now included within the limits of Neosho County was part of Dorn County, as explained in the history of Labette County; Dorn County extending northward about three-fourths of a mile from the township line between townships twenty-seven and twenty-eight, and southward to the Indian Territory - embracing the "Osage ceded lands." The name Dorn was changed to "Neosho," by the Legislature, June 3, 1861, and the county was organized by proclamation of Governor Carney, November 20, 1864.


County Seat:Erie, Kansas

Date organized:  November 2, 1864

County History:

  1. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Neosho County 
  2. History of St. Paul, Kansas 
  3. Forgotten Towns of Neosho County 

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Neosho Wildlife Area 
  2. Neosho County Community College 
  3. Jewel of Southeast Kansas (Tioga Inn)
  4. Truitt, James and Ella, House 

County Historical Society:

  1. Neosho County Historical Society 
  2. Safari Museum in Chanute, Kansas  | Facebook
  3. Osage Mission / Neosho County Museum 

Websites about the county:

  1. Neosho County Government 
  2. City of Erie, Kansas 
  3. City of Chanute, Kansas | Facebook 
  4. City of Gelsburg,Kansas Info 
  5. City of St. Paul, Kansas 
  6. City of Thayer, Kansas info