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Montgomery County is situated in the southern part of the State of Kansas, the north line of the Indian Territory forming its southern boundary. It is further bounded by Labette County on the east, Wilson on the north and Elk and Chautauqua counties on the west. The general surface of the county is variable, being a succession of rolling prairies, broad, fertile valleys, and low hills. Elevated mounds, with steep declivitous sides, are found in places, rising abruptly out of the midst of a plain, to considerable heights.


County Seat: Independence, Kansas

Date organized:1869

County History:

  1. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas,Montgomery County 
  2. History of the Dalton Raid in Coffeyville,Kansas 
  3. History of Montgomery county, Kansas This is located at the Internet Archives and is available for download in several formats.

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. W.P. Brown Mansion 
  2. Onion Creek Bridge
  3. Little House on the Prairie 

County Historical Society:

  1. Montgomery County Historical Society 1 Riverside Park Shelter House, Independence, KS 67301
  2. Independence Historical Museum 
  3. Dalton Defenders Museum 

Web sites about the county:

  1. Montgomery County Government 
  2. City of Independence, Kansas 
  3. City of Cherryvale, Kansas 
  4. City of Coffeyville,Kansas 
  5. City of Caney, Kansas