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Mitchell County is situated in the northern part of the State, and is bounded on the north by Jewell County; on the east by Cloud and Ottowa; on the south by Lincoln; and on the west by Osborne.

The Solomon River flows into the county from the northwest corner, and passes through it in an easterly direction, bearing enough south to leave the county at about the center of its east line. The river is quite a rapid stream in this county, and furnishes many mill privileges along its course. Its tributaries are long, well-timbered streams. Commencing in the northwest, Oak Creek comes first, then Granite, the Limestones, Brown's Creek, Mulberry, Plum and the Asher creeks on the north side of the river; while on the south the streams are not quite so long, but are all well timbered. In regular order, from west to east. comes the South Fork, Carr Creek, Hard Scrabble, Walnut Creek, Turkey Creek, Indian Creek, Laban Creek, Marshall Creek and Fourth Creek. Through the south part of the county runs Salt Creek, with its many large tributaries, making Mitchell one of the best watered counties in the state.

County Seat: Beloit, Kansas

Date organized: October 4, 1870

County History:

Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Mitchell County 

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Cather Farm
  2. Abram Click Farmstead
  3. E. W. Norris Service Station
  4. F. H. Hart House
  5. Porter Hotel
  6. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 
  7. World's Largest Ball of Twine | World's Largest Ball of Twine Documentary on Tubitv

County Historical Society:

Mitchell County Historical Society Museum | Facebook 

Websites about the county:

  1. Mitchell County Government 
  2. City of Beloit, Kansas  | Facebook
  3. City of Cawker City, Kansas 
  4. City of Glen Elder,Kansas