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Linn County is situated in the eastern tier of counties next to Missouri, and in the third tier south of the Kansas River. The southern boundary of the county is three miles north of the thirty-eighth parallel of north latitude. It is bounded on the north by Miami County, on the east by Missouri, on the south by Bourbon County, and on the west by Anderson County. The county was named "Linn" in honor of Lewis F. Linn, a distinguished United States Senator from Missouri. The Bogus Legislature passed an act bounding Linn County, as follows: 

Beginning at the southeast corner of Miami County; thence south twenty-four(24) miles; thence west twenty-four (24) miles; thence north twenty-four (24) miles to the southwest corner of Miami county; thence east twenty-four (24) miles to the place of beginning.

As thus defined the county contained 576 square miles, or 368,640 acres. These were the boundaries and area of the county until March 3, 1868, when an act of the Legislature was approved by which the boundaries were defined as follows:

Beginning at the southeast corner of Miami County; thence south along the west boundary of the State of Missouri to the corner on said line to Fractional Sections thirteen and twenty-four, Township twenty-three south, of Range twenty-five east; thence west along the section lines to the corner of Sections fourteen, fifteen, twenty-two and twenty-three, Township twenty-three south, of Range twenty-one east; thence north along the section lines between the second and third tiers of sections to the southwest corner of Miami County; thence east along the south boundary of Miami County to the place of beginning.

County Seat: Mound City, Kansas

Date organized: August 7, 1855

County History:

  1. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, Linn County 

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Trading Post, Oldest Settlement in Kansas 
  2. Marais des Cygnes Massacre 
  3. Mine Creek Battlefield 
  4. St. Philippine Duchesne Memorial Park 
  5. Mound City Cemetery Soldiers' Lot (Civil War)
  6. Fort Montgomery (Civil War) 

County Historical Society:

  1. Linn County Kansas Historical Museum 
  2. LaCaygne Historical Society 

Websites about the county:

  1. Linn County Government 
  2. City of LaCaygne Kansas 
  3. Linn County Kansas History 
  4. Mound City, Kansas Government  | Facebook 

Linn County History Timeline

1834 - Trading Post established in the present Linn county, by Girard and Chouteau, agents of the Northwestern Fur Company.