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An old atlas of 125 years ago would reveal that what is now Haskell County was located in the Great American Desert. This territory was first divided into Sequoyah and Garfield Counties. In 1873 Arapahoe County was created. By an act of the Legislature of 1883 Kearney, Grant, Sequoyah and Arapahoe Counties became Finney County. In 1886 they were again reshuffled and old Sequoyah became Finney. That which was formerly Arapahoe was finally sliced off the southern part of Finney to become Haskell County. .In 1893 Garfield County was made part of Finney.

County Seat: Sublette, Kansas

Date organized: July 1, 1887

County History:

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Historic Landmarks, State, National:

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County Historical Society:

  1. Haskell County Historical Museum   (620) 675-8344   Sublette, Kansas
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