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Douglas County contains the cities of Eudora, Lawrence, Lecompton and Baldwin City. It was one of the original 33 counties organized by the Territorial Legislature in 1855 and was organized on September 24, 1855, by Frederick Chouteau; F. W. Lunkins; A. R. Harper; Dr. Abram Still; L. B. Wallace; Clark Stearns; A. B. and N. E. Wade; Joseph J. Eberhart; Napoleon N. Blanton; A. W. and A. C. Glenn; M. S. Winter; George Cutler; F. B. Varnum; Robert and Richard Pierson; and William Harper. The First Territorial Legislature named the county for Stephen A. Douglas, the U. S. Senator from Illinois responsible for the Kansas-Nebraska Bill in 1854. SourceKansapedia


County Seat: Lawrence, Kansas

Date organized: 1855

County History:

  1. Douglas County History resources
  2. Quantrill's Raid

Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. Constitutional Hall in Lecompton, Kansas
  2. The University of Kansas

County Historical Society:

  1. The Watkins Museum of History | Facebook
  2. Eudora Area Historical Society | Facebook

Websites about the county:

  1. Douglas County, Kansas Government
  2. City of Lecompton, Kansas
  3. City of Lawrence, Kansas
  4. City of Eudora, Kansas | Facebook