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March 3

1819 - The Civilization Fund Act was an Act passed by the United States Congress on March 3, 1819. The Act encouraged activities of benevolent societies in providing education for Native Americans and authorized an annuity to stimulate the "civilization process".

1825 - Congress authorized the survey and marking of the Santa Fe Trail in 1825. Fort Leavenworth was established as "Cantonment Leavenworth" in May 1827. Westport (now Kansas City, Missouri) became a depot on the Santa Fe Trail in 1833, and ten years later the city of Wyandot (Kansas City, Kansas) was begun by the Wyandot Indians. 


March 4



March 5

1862 – The Kansas Legislature formed the Kansas Agricultural Society. These organizations encouraged farmers to grow winter wheat, creating the “bread basket of the world.”


March 6

1662 — Don Diego de Penalosa begins his march from Santa Fe. The expedition came eastward about 500 miles and reached Quivira. Prince ("New Mexico") places Quivira in the vicinity of St. Joseph, Mo.  


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March 10

1804 — The United States authority in Missouri dates from the 10th day of March 1804. On that day Major Amos Stoddard assumed the duties of Governor of Upper Louisiana. 


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March 15

1854 – Treaty With The Oto And Missouri: The Otoe and Missouri Indians cede to the United States all their lands west of the Mississippi, except a small strip on the Big Blue River.


March 16



March 17

1842 - A treaty with the Wyandots, a remnant of the Hurons; they sell their lands in Ohio and take land at the mouth of the Kaw. 

1856 - The Masonic Grand Lodge of Kansas was chartered. 


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March 20

1852 — Publication of -"Uncle Tom's Cabin," written by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe. It is an anti-slavery novel and has a larger circulation than any other American book.

1854 - The Republican Party was founded by a consortium of antislavery politicians who formerly belonged to the Whig and Free-Soil Parties. The party opposes the Southern Democratic Party, the nativist "Know Nothing" American Party, and the potential expansion of slavery into the Western territories. 

1855 - Milo Andrus reported that he had secured land in a hickory grove hickory grove approximately four miles west of Atchison, Kansas, that could be used for a staging ground.


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March 23

1858 - "Kansas's third constitutional convention, convened at Minneola, Franklin County, on March 23, 1858, elected officers (including Samuel F. Tappan, secretary), and then adjourned to reconvene at Leavenworth on March 25. During the afternoon session, on March 26, 1858, some interesting debate occurred regarding the viability of the Topeka Constitution, and a minority of the Leavenworth delegates reaffirmed their support for the 1855 instrument. (The Leavenworth Convention nevertheless drafted and adopted a new constitution, and adjourned on April 3, 1858.)" 


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March 26

1804 - Act of Congress erecting Louisiana into the Territory of Orleans and the District of Louisiana. The division line was the southern boundary of Mississippi Territory and the thirty-third degree of latitude. 


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March 28

1837 — The act (The Platt Purchase) of June 7, 1836, takes effect by the proclamation of March 28, 1837, and the western boundary of Missouri is extended to the Missouri River. 


March 29

1837 — Launching of the first steamboat built in St. Louis. 


March 30

1854 - Lands were ceded by the Kaskaskias, Peorias, Plankesbaw, and Weas.

1855 – Territorial Legislature election held, where again pro-slavery Missourians flooded the state. After winning the territorial legislature, the pro-slavery officials ousted all Free-State members, secured the removal of Governor Andrew Reeder, and adopted pro-slavery statutes. and began to hold their sessions in Lecompton, Kansas, about 12 miles from Lawrence. (This Legislature is known as the Bogus Legislature.)


March 31