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Governor George Hartshorn Hodges

George Hartshorn Hodges was an American politician and the 19th Governor of Kansas.


Time in Office: January 13, 1913 - January 11, 1915

Born: February 6, 1866, Richland County, Wisconsin.

Died: October 7, 1947, Kansas City, Missouri.

Democratic lumberman from Olathe.

He owned the Johnson County Democrat Newspaper.

He was a member of the Olathe City Council, a position he held for four years. He also served one-term as mayor of Olathe, was a member of the Kansas State Senate from 1905 to 1913, and served as chairman of the 1906 State Democratic Convention.

During his tenure, a corporation tax was sanctioned, a women's suffrage amendment to the state constitution was authorized, the board of administration was granted power to control all state agencies, and women's roles were advanced in state government. Also, the "direct election of senators" amendment to the U.S. Constitution was adopted. 

He was a candidate for U.S. Senator from Kansas, 1920.

From 1925 to 1927, he served as a member of the State Board of Regents, and also served on the State Textbook Commission.

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