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Governor G.W. Glick

George Washington Glick was the ninth Governor of Kansas, and the state's first Democratic Governor. Glick was raised on his father's farm near Greencastle, Ohio. He enlisted for service in the Mexican–American War, but saw no action.


Time in Office: January 8, 1883 - January 12, 1885

Born: July 4, 1827, Greencastle, Ohio.

Died: April 13, 1911, Atchison, Kansas.

Democratic lawyer and farmer from Atchison.

He is credited with starting what is now the State animal health department

He was also the first vice president of the Kansas Historical Society

Statue of George Washington Glick, erected in Statuary hall of the United States capitol by the state of Kansas: proceedings in the Senate and in the House ... upon the acceptance of the statue 

Glick was the Governor of Kansas at the time of the Dodge City War of 1883

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