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Wabaunsee County is located abut midway between the north and south lines of the State, and about seventy-five miles west of the Missouri River. The county is bounded on the north by the Kansas River, on the south by Lyon County, on the east by Shawnee County, and on the west by Morris County and a portion of Morris and Riley Counties. The north line of the county follows the sinuous course of the Kansas River, by which it presents a rather rugged and irregular appearance, the northeast corner being six miles further south than the northwest corner, and the center of the north line being about three miles still farther north than the northwest corner. 


County Seat: Alma, Kansas

Date organized:1859

County History:

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Historic Landmarks, State, National:

  1. National and State Register of Historic Places 
  2. Alma Creamery  | Facebook 
  3. County Historical Society:
  4. Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum 

Websites about the county:

  1. Wabaunsee County Government 
  2. City of Alma, Kansas
  3. City of McFarlands, Kansas
  4. City of Paxico, Kansas | Facebook 
  5. City of St. Mary's, Kansas  (Also in Pottawatomie county)